Men Crates

We Make Hampers For Men in Wooden Crates, With Lids, Sealed With Liquid Nails & Supplied With A Crow Bar To Pry Them Open.

We Call These


 Welcome to our store, we have just increased the fun factor in men's gifts. We sell great gift hampers for men, packaged in wooden crates, sealed with liquid nails to be opened by the most awesome of men with the included crowbar. You'll find all the the traditional hamper contents like beer, wine, chocolates, nuts & nibbles. It's about having some fun with your gift giving, tailored specifically for Men! More manly....... no more fluff n stuff!



Throw Out The Cellophane, Ribbon and Girly Baskets!!

It's time to throw out the traditional gift baskets for men and give the man a gift that suits his awesomeness!!! No more cellophane, ribbon or girly baskets!! 

 Delivery of Gift Hampers For Men

After several years of delivering gift baskets for men wrapped in cellophane and ribbon, we finally have something that is different and appeals to those who like a challenge.

We are based in Perth and deliver to most suburbs across the metro area.

To make a purchase from our Men Crates Range, please select Men Crates Australia from our gift baskets and hamper menu.


 Men Crates Australia Not For The Faint Hearted!